The platform can directly enhance de novo formulation design and thereby reduce time to market

The Formeric Concept

In civil and mechanical engineering, the design process is done almost entirely by computer. An ambition in formulated product design is to follow this example and to shift from an ad-hoc labour-intensive process towards a more robust and adaptive computer aided formulation (CAF) paradigm.

A major barrier to this becoming a reality is a knowledge barrier for formulation scientists who want to use modelling, simulation and data tools. An additional barrier exists for those scientist who do not have large computer facilities available to them.

The Formeric platform addresses these barriers by

  • providing easy access to sophisticated modelling, simulation and data tools in a language familiar to formulation scientists rather than computer scientists
  • Automatically deploying these tools onto the cloud alleviating the need for formulation scientists to acquire specialist skills in this domain.

Direct Access to Computational Insight

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Formeric offers a pioneering software platform for accessing modelling tools to efficiently design formulated products

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