What is Formeric?

Formeric’s Story

Formeric is a spin-out venture of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). Acting via the Hartree Centre in Daresbury, STFC have developed simulation methodologies to enhance the development of formulated products while utilising the latest high performance and cloud computing architectures. 

These simulation methodologies were made accessible to industrial users through STFC’s Computer Aided Formulation programme.

This helped users gain detailed insight into their products and helped in the screening and development of new formulations. Formeric aims to transform the knowledge developed through this program such that industrial users can access simulation and modelling tools through Formeric’s software platform and execute them using either Formeric’s or their own high performance computing infrastructure. 

Formerics Story

The Formeric Platform

The Formeric software platform has been developed to be accessible, accurate and deployable at scale. Formeric’s platform enables product design and development specialists to access and execute simulation and modelling tools without the need to worry about setting them up or to configure the computational infrastructure. This makes it very easy for scientists, who are not familiar with specialist computational techniques. 

Easy access coupled with accurate models and simulation methodologies ensures results are of high standard such that they inform new product discovery. 

Formeric Platform

The ability to deploy at scale provides high throughput sampling of candidate formulations. The Formeric platform is highly configurable and therefore can be configured, both architecturally and functionally to meet its customer’s requirements.

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Formeric offers a pioneering software platform for accessing modelling tools to efficiently design formulated products

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